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In collaboration with Coca-Cola, we crafted an innovative Olympics Coca-Cola Video Box Project, seamlessly blending the spirit of the Olympics with Coca-Cola’s refreshment. This interactive box combined cutting-edge technology and storytelling to create an immersive experience, resonating with unity and celebration. By producing these video box projects, Coca-Cola aimed to emotionally connect with their audience, sharing values of excellence and joy.

Coca-Cola’s decision to create Olympics Coca-Cola Video Boxes was driven by several compelling factors. These interactive boxes went beyond traditional advertising, becoming conduits for unity and refreshment. The fusion of Coca-Cola’s legacy with the global appeal of the Olympics allowed for transcultural engagement, sparking conversations worldwide. The project’s ability to resonate across languages and cultures aligned perfectly with the international presence of both brands. In essence, these Video Boxes became a dynamic medium for Coca-Cola to inspire and connect, fostering a global sense of togetherness and celebration.

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Bespoke Video Box

The rigid board box with vibrant Coca-Cola branding is a remarkable blend of innovation and branding. Made with careful attention to detail, it goes beyond packaging to become an unfolding experience. As you touch the smooth surface adorned with lively Coca-Cola images, excitement grows. When you open the box, the real wonder happens. Inside the lid rests a modern 10″ IPS video screen that’s set to captivate.

Lifting the lid triggers the magic: a light sensor activates the video screen, displaying dynamic visuals that celebrate Coca-Cola’s iconic brand. This moment is filled with surprise and joy, where traditional packaging meets modern tech. The combination of visuals and sound immerses you in the world of Coca-Cola, turning it into more than just a drink – it’s a feeling, a memory, an extraordinary encounter.

Beneath the audio-visual display, the box’s bottom holds more surprises. A shelf with a lift ribbon beckons you to discover what’s inside, revealing a colourful world of logos and artwork that extend the brand’s story. This box isn’t just storage; it’s a tactile journey into Coca-Cola’s essence, showcasing branding expertise and a fusion of aesthetics and technology that redefines our connection to beloved brands.


Custom Contents

The case features an elegant wrapping made from 120gsm Wibalin Black® Natural material, untouched by print or lamination. A precise foil application, covering an area around 100x100mm, adds a touch of sophistication to the design. The interior case liner mirrors the same 120gsm Wibalin Black® Natural material, unprinted and unlaminated, preserving a consistent aesthetic throughout.

Supporting the structure is the base, which boasts the same 120gsm Wibalin Black® Natural wrap, devoid of print or lamination. The base liner, on the other hand, remains unlined, as it is intended to be concealed by foam, ensuring both protection and a streamlined appearance. This meticulous selection of materials and finishes comes together to create a presentation that radiates understated elegance and meticulous attention to detail.



The Olympic Coca-Cola Video Box Project is a powerful example of how Coca-Cola’s history and the global impact of the Olympics come together. This collaboration created an extraordinary experience that went beyond simple packaging, combining new ideas, storytelling, and the essence of the brand. By merging advanced technology with Coca-Cola’s vibrant style, it created a journey that connected with people everywhere, bringing a feeling of togetherness and celebration across different cultures. This project showed Coca-Cola’s commitment to building meaningful bonds with its audience, going beyond language and location.


YouTube Video

To delve deeper into the intricacies of this Coca-Cola video presentation box, we invite you to explore our YouTube channel. There, our Managing Director, Lee, provides an in-depth showcase and reveals more about the remarkable features.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of this innovative product. Join us on our YouTube channel to uncover all the details.



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The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.


I just wanted to let you know the boxes have arrived successfully and look amazing!
Thank you again so much for getting them over to us so efficiently and your help with the whole process.


The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.