The Background & Project

Glenfiddich’s decision to create a luxury presentation video box for their impressive whisky reflects their commitment to delivering an exceptional and unforgettable sensory experience to their discerning clientele. The creation of such a meticulously designed presentation box goes beyond the mere packaging of a product; it encapsulates the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship, heritage, and innovation. By combining the tactile elements of luxurious materials, intricate detailing, and elegant design, Glenfiddich aims to enhance the perception of their whisky as an art form, not just a beverage.

In a world where luxury is often associated with exclusivity and attention to detail, the luxury presentation video box becomes a symbolic embodiment of Glenfiddich’s values. The incorporation of a video element within the box elevates the consumer experience by narrating the brand’s rich history, the whisky-making process, and the uniqueness of each blend. This multimedia approach not only engages the senses of sight and touch but also imparts a deeper understanding of the whisky’s craftsmanship and the dedication that goes into its creation.

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Luxury Video Box

Glenfiddich’s luxury presentation video box boasts an elegant exterior through carefully chosen design elements. The box’s soft-touch lamination delivers a velvety feel, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to quality. The minimalist design allows the product to shine without excessive decoration, while a subtle yet impactful branding approach on the lid, featuring a glossy UV finish, adds a touch of contrast and sophistication.

At the core of the box lies a remarkable feature: a 10-inch HD IPS screen. This screen offers a high-definition viewing experience with 1024 x 600 resolution, showcasing a passionate video narrative about Glenfiddich’s 50-year-aged whisky. The 16:9 aspect ratio provides a cinematic presentation, intensifying the emotional connection to the brand’s heritage and whisky-making journey. The fusion of refined design and technological advancement creates an immersive encounter that captivates the senses and sparks the imagination, leaving a lasting impression on all who engage with Glenfiddich’s extraordinary offering.


The Finer Details

The custom foam fitment adorned with a rich, dark grey silk covering exemplifies the pinnacle of sophistication and elegance in luxury packaging. Every aspect of this meticulously crafted interior is a testament to the brand’s dedication to ensuring that the presentation is as exquisite as the contents it holds. The dark grey silk exudes a sense of opulence, its smooth texture and subtle sheen evoking a tactile experience that complements the exclusivity of the items within. This tailored fitment is not just a housing; it’s a harmonious marriage of form and function, designed to cradle and protect each element with precision and care.

Nestled in luxury, a £25,000 whisky, two exquisite crystal glasses, and a platinum pipette form a harmonious trio. The whisky, a masterpiece of time and skill, finds its ideal partners in the crystal glasses that enhance both sight and smell. The platinum pipette, a symbol of precision, allows for elegant pouring. This ensemble isn’t just objects; it’s curated luxury, celebrating life’s finer things.


Our Case Studies


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Spritz Studio

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The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.


I just wanted to let you know the boxes have arrived successfully and look amazing!
Thank you again so much for getting them over to us so efficiently and your help with the whole process.


The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.