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Manchester City, the renowned football club, opted to create VIP presentation boxes for a specific purpose. These specially crafted boxes serve a dual function: they were first sent to the club’s owner in Abu Dhabi, and then distributed to VIPs associated with the club. The motivation behind producing these VIP presentation boxes lies in the desire to enhance the club’s image and create a sense of exclusivity. By sending these boxes to the owner and VIPs, Manchester City demonstrates its commitment to fostering strong relationships and expressing gratitude to those who have a significant stake in the club’s success. The use of such presentation boxes underscores the importance of personalised and high-quality gestures in maintaining strong connections and support within the world of professional sports.

In addition to the VIP presentation boxes, Manchester City also introduced a presentation bag specifically designed for the Triple Kit Display VIP Presentation Box. This added element adds an extra layer of sophistication and utility to the overall package. The production of these presentation bags is likely aimed at providing a complete and well-rounded experience for the recipients of the VIP boxes. It showcases the club’s dedication to attention to detail and ensuring that every aspect of the presentation is meticulously crafted.

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CLIENT & project

Presentation Box Structure

The presentation box structure exhibits a blend of elegance and functionality. With its magnetic front closure, the box ensures a secure and sophisticated means of revealing its contents. This magnetic mechanism not only adds a touch of luxury but also serves the practical purpose of keeping the contents intact, enhancing the overall unboxing experience. On the inside lid of the box, a black and white image of the stadium adds a personal and sentimental touch, evoking the club’s rich history and sense of place.

Internally, the box features an innovative hinged shelf with a ribbon, creating a visually appealing and convenient way to access its contents. Upon opening from the ribbon lift, the main kit is prominently presented on the top shelf, making it the centrepiece of the entire presentation. Additionally, the inclusion of two internal drawers, each designed to hold one kit, adds a level of organisation and ensures that the contents are neatly stored. The use of full-colour printing throughout the box design brings vibrant and eye-catching visuals to the forefront, reinforcing the club’s identity and branding.


Triple Kit Display

Inside the Manchester City Triple Kit Display VIP Presentation Box, you’ll find a well-organised setup. Every drawer is adorned with ribbons that serve both as decorative accents and aids for effortless opening. The kits inside are carefully chosen and complete, including the main kit, away kit, and second kit, all sourced directly from PUMA, a respected sportswear provider. The box has a double drawer system with custom dividers, maximising space while keeping the kits neatly displayed for easy access.

Additionally, these boxes are tailored to hold specific quantities of kits in various sizes, showing careful planning. Different sizes are available to ensure a perfect fit for each VIP recipient. Whether it’s 30 XL kits, 30 L kits, 20 M kits, or 10 kits in kids’ sizes (S, M, L), there’s a size for everyone.

If you are interested in producing your own box like this, you have the option to include a video screen in the design, adding an interactive element to the presentation. This forward-thinking approach allows for personalisation and customisation, making the Manchester City VIP presentation box a truly exceptional and memorable gift for VIPs.


Other VIP Presentation Box

The Triple Kit Display VIP Presentation Box serves as merely one facet within our expansive Manchester City project. In tandem with this remarkable creation, we’ve meticulously crafted a smaller counterpart: the VIP Rigid Board Presentation Box, thoughtfully tailored to house essentials such as a baseball hat, scarf, and a prized signed ball. To delve deeper into the comprehensive scope of our project, we warmly encourage you to navigate to our dedicated case study.

Rest assured, our commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail remain unwavering in both aspects of the Manchester City project. As you explore further, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the thought, precision, and craftsmanship that have gone into fashioning the VIP Rigid Board Presentation Box, which is a pivotal element of this venture. Feel free to immerse yourself in this dedicated case study to uncover the intricacies of this smaller yet equally significant facet of our work.


Manchester City VIP Box Case Study


YouTube Video

If you’re interested in a thorough exploration of the remarkable VIP presentation box showcased on our website, you’ve come to the right place. While the webpage offers a glimpse of our offerings, we’re here to provide a comprehensive explanation and offer you an intimate look at this project.

In this video, we’ll not only examine the intricacies of these boxes and bags but also give you a first hand view of the final product, demonstrating how each element combines to craft a unified and visually striking presentation. If you share our enthusiasm for exquisite packaging and wish to gain insights into the craftsmanship and innovation that made this achievement possible, please don’t hesitate to continue watching our video. Get ready to be astonished as we unveil the enchantment behind this extraordinary presentation box.



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The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.


I just wanted to let you know the boxes have arrived successfully and look amazing!
Thank you again so much for getting them over to us so efficiently and your help with the whole process.


The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.