Custom Eco Packaging

In today’s environmentally conscious world, businesses are increasingly seeking sustainable packaging solutions that reflect their commitment to the planet. At our company, we offer a seamless pathway for businesses to produce custom eco-friendly packaging that aligns perfectly with their branding and environmental values. Our expertise in creating sustainable packaging solutions makes us the go-to choice for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint while delivering a unique and eco-conscious packaging experience.

When businesses partner with us to create custom eco packaging, they gain access to a wide array of customisation options. One of the key advantages we offer is the ability to tailor packaging materials to their specific needs. Whether it’s recycled cardboard, biodegradable plastics, or reusable materials, we work closely with our clients to select the most eco-friendly substrates that align with their sustainability goals. This allows businesses to not only reduce their environmental impact but also send a powerful message to their customers about their dedication to the planet.

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Eco Packaging Solutions

Moreover, customisation extends beyond just material choices. Our clients have the freedom to design their custom eco packaging from scratch. They can incorporate their brand colours, logos, and unique messaging, ensuring that the packaging resonates with their target audience. Additionally, businesses can choose from various printing techniques, such as eco-friendly inks and embossing, to create eye-catching and memorable packaging that tells their brand’s story while showcasing their commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Furthermore, our team of packaging experts provides guidance and support throughout the customisation process. We understand that each business has unique requirements and challenges, and we’re here to offer innovative solutions. Whether it’s optimising packaging designs for cost-effectiveness, reducing waste, or ensuring compliance with sustainability certifications, our experts work closely with businesses to achieve their custom eco packaging objectives.


Spritz Studio

Spritz Studio, a renowned creative agency, is known for its exceptional ability to craft captivating brand experiences and unforgettable narratives. Their personalised presentation boxes, such as the No.3 Gin box, exemplify their creative prowess and underscore their commitment to enhancing client relationships.

This presentation box truly stands out thanks to its distinctive design, featuring a 4-part magnetic enclosure and precise foil accents. It is meticulously crafted from robust, unlined grey board and the elegant 120gsm Wibalin Black® Natural material, radiating a sense of both strength and sophistication. The careful selection of these materials and finishes underscores Spritz Studio’s dedication to delivering refined and detailed presentations. For those in search of impactful brand experiences and innovative design solutions, Spritz Studio’s portfolio is a must-visit destination.

To enhance the eco-friendliness of the box, they could have opted for eco foam and unlaminated pieces for the box’s interior to match the eco-friendly box itself.



Manchester City FC

Without lamination, these boxes represent an eco-friendly packaging solution. These special boxes and bags are designed to showcase the club’s commitment to quality and attention to detail. The presentation box is not only elegant but also practical, with a secure magnetic closure, a personal stadium image inside, and organised drawers. It comes with ribbons for decoration, complete PUMA kits in different sizes for VIP recipients, and the option to add video screens for personalisation, making it a remarkable VIP gift.


The presentation box is made from strong 3mm rigid board and measures 600x260x140mm. It has a durable internal shelf with a ribbon for easy lifting, stylish side ribbons, and an internal fitment with a printed card for neatness. The accompanying Presentation Bag has a sleek design with a solid blue exterior featuring the Manchester City logo and a matte laminate finish. Inside, it follows the same theme, and a 40mm cotton ribbon handle ensures comfortable carrying while maintaining quality and appearance.



Removable Video Screens

This innovative approach of incorporating removable screens into packaging is quickly gaining momentum in the business world, and for good reason. It not only offers an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious presentation but also aligns perfectly with the growing global emphasis on eco-conscious practices. By allowing screens to be easily detached and disposed of separately, companies are contributing to responsible electronic waste management. This is particularly important in an era where electronic waste is a significant environmental concern.

Moreover, the adaptability of this concept is a significant advantage. Businesses can tailor their packaging strategies to meet a diverse array of sustainability preferences. Whether a company is dedicated to fully eco-friendly packaging materials or prefers a more customisable approach that centres around the removable screen, there’s room for flexibility.


Our Case Studies


We designed a Hexagonal LED Acrylic Presentation Box and an Infinity Mirror LED XIX Acrylic Presentation Box, setting new presentation standards for XIX's bottles and glasses, enhancing the sense of indulgence and extravagance.

Spritz Studio

Spritz Studio, a renowned creative agency, showcases their commitment to enhancing client relationships through personalised presentation boxes like the No.3 Gin box, known for its unique design, sturdy construction, and elegant materials.


Discover opulent wooden boxes, elegantly designed to secure and showcase 6L whiskey bottles with sophisticated copper hardware for style and protection, marrying beauty and function in a high-gloss finish that radiates prestige and refined taste.

The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.


I just wanted to let you know the boxes have arrived successfully and look amazing!
Thank you again so much for getting them over to us so efficiently and your help with the whole process.


The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.