Lindstrom VR Video Boxes

Lindstrom, a visionary leader in the world of immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, turned to us to create something truly extraordinary. Our team embarked on the exciting journey of designing and producing large custom video boxes that would elevate Lindstrom’s VR offerings to the next level. These custom branded video boxes were meticulously crafted to perfection, bearing the Lindstrom emblem as a mark of quality and innovation.
With internal dimensions measuring A3 size and a depth of 50mm, they provided ample space to house the key elements of the VR experience. Equipped with vibrant 10″ HD screens and a light sensor for a seamless viewing experience, these boxes were engineered to captivate and engage. Additionally, 1GB of memory ensured smooth playback of the pre-loaded video content, while two elegant black side ribbons allowed for an effortless unboxing experience.
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Precision in Presentation

The meticulous precision in designing the custom foam fitment went beyond just aesthetic considerations; it was a testament to the dedication of our team to provide Lindstrom with an unparalleled VR experience. By ensuring that the VR headset and controller were flawlessly presented at the same height, we aimed to create a seamless and immersive unboxing experience for Lindstrom’s clients. This level of attention to detail reflected our commitment to exceeding Lindstrom’s expectations and delivering a product that would leave a lasting impression.

The matte black finish not only added a touch of sophistication but also conveyed a sense of modernity and elegance, aligning perfectly with Lindstrom’s brand identity. The embossed branding and spot varnishing served as subtle yet impactful design elements that made these video boxes stand out even further. As a result, each video box became a unique work of art, embodying Lindstrom’s core values of innovation and excellence. These meticulously crafted video boxes were not just containers; they were a tangible representation of Lindstrom’s dedication to providing their clients with an exceptional and unforgettable VR experience.


Enhancing the Experience

Moreover, these meticulously designed A5 brochures were not just information-rich; they were carefully curated to create a sense of anticipation and excitement for the VR experience. Each page unfolded a narrative that seamlessly connected with the content inside the video boxes, ensuring that every aspect of Lindstrom’s immersive journey was interconnected and cohesive.

As recipients opened the video boxes, they were greeted not only by cutting-edge technology but also by the tangible presence of these beautifully crafted brochures. The synergy between the digital and print elements emphasized Lindstrom’s commitment to providing a holistic and immersive encounter. This comprehensive approach allowed Lindstrom to engage its audience on multiple levels, leaving a lasting impression that extended far beyond the VR headset. Lindstrom’s dedication to delivering experiences that captivate, educate, and leave a mark of excellence was brilliantly encapsulated through this harmonious fusion of technology and print materials.



Our Case Studies


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The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.


I just wanted to let you know the boxes have arrived successfully and look amazing!
Thank you again so much for getting them over to us so efficiently and your help with the whole process.


The video business cards are a great giveaway item. We used them to promote our new car and were very impressed with the return in our investment. Our clients were very impressed and we managed to increase our sales.